We’re a global coaching & mentoring organisation that is fully dedicated in helping our members to achieve financial independence through our unique results based coaching & mentoring.

Established in 1997, we have trained and impacted over 300,000 members all around the world from South East Asia, Hong Kong, China, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa to Europe & North America.

Through our unique customization program, we’re dedicated to help our members to start seeing REAL RESULTS in less than 6 months after attending the workshop to get continuous support and coaching.

MasteryAsia has now coached & mentored hundreds of thousands of individuals from all walks of life in the achievement of their financial independence and business success. We have also risen through the ranks of self-development corporations by achieving real-life results with our members.

Being dedicated to financial independence and business success through education, coaching & mentoring is more than just our mission statement. It is a reflection of our commitment to assist individuals in the actualization of their dreams.

MasteryAsia Wealth Creation Programme


Money Mastery Mentorship Programme

Proven results for over 20+ years. This Programme is designed to help you create the wealth that you desire, getting rich by doing what you love, and live with true meaning and fulfillment. This programme reveals exactly what do you need to do to fast track your financial freedom quickly.

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Stocks Investment & Currency Trading Mastery

This program teaches you on how to achieve consistent profits through the stock market (Up to over 60% ROI every year), even in an uncertainty time. At the same time, we also trained our students on currency trading (Forex) to accumulate and explode their profits in both good and bad time. All the strategies and techniques that professional traders use is translated in a simplify mannered yet extremely practical. 

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Strategic Property Investment Mastery

From 0 down deal property, to owning 3-5 properties in a year consistently (Our record is 30+ properties in a year), This program is created to help ordinary individuals (From Working professional, Business Owner, to Fresh Graduate) to build wealth and create their multi million-dollar worth of property investment portfolio through the art of leveraging.

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Digital Marketing Mastery

Build your own brand and business with the future of digital marketing. From digital publishing, eCommerce store to providing your consulting and coaching services, this training programme helps a non-technical person to kick-start your online business with low and affordable investment cost. From traffic generation, engagement and conversion series. We actually do this stuff to accelerate our business growth.

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MasteryAsia Investors Group

This is an exclusive “insider” Investors Club for MasteryAsia Community that connects our members with variety of investment opportunities that are not readily available in the ordinary marketplace. From Pre-IPO, new launch properties, F&B investment to other business funding investment opportunities.

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Professional Trainer

Certified Professional Trainer Programme

Do you have a passion to share? Becoming a world class speaker at the same time get paid doing it? Becoming a trainer is one of the most lucrative profession. This dynamic career and professional development programme provides 1 year of mentorship, training and support system to help our candidates becoming a professional trainer and certified by IPMA certification. Candidate must go through an interview process with the Master Trainer to qualified for the programme. 

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Smart Business Profit System

With over 30+ years of business wisdom, this is a 6+ hours of real world business online learning program to help entrepreneurs to accelerate their business profits at the same time having a balanced-rich life. This program is design to have a gold mine of resources coupled with structured processes to help entrepreneurs to accelerate their achievements and to avoid potential potholes in their journey to success through coaching, re-education and networking.

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