ANYONE can become a trainer, but not everyone can become a Certified Professional Trainer. It is rather difficult to become a Certified Professional Trainer without the experience working in a niche and having a high calibre on it. 

However, a highly paid Certified Professional Trainer is the best career choice for anyone who enjoys working in a corporate environment while able to educate people or improve someone else’s career.

Most individuals pursuing this career also enjoy a higher than average income than other employees.

Here are six benefits of becoming a Certified Professional Trainer:

Benefit #1: Your Income Will Elevate Considerably

Certified professional trainers are paid for their service, depending on the type of trainers they are. 

A recent survey conducted by Kryolife reported that trainers with two years of experience or less can make up to $70,158.65, but those with more than 20 years of experience had more than doubled to an average of $145,133.33.

Take Ahyat Ishak for example.

Ahyat Ishak - Certified Professional Trainer
Ahyat Ishak shared his knowledge in property investment at the Mega Pejuang Hartanah event.


He is a man of many talents, famed property investment guru and founder of Pejuang Hartanah, and author of two local bestsellers “The Strategic Property Investor” and  “Pejuang Hartanah: 40 Pesanan Buat Pelabur Baru”.

He started his journey with the Certified Professional Trainers (CPT) course. Through the CPT course, he was taught to find his niche in speaking, and his love for property investment was nurtured. 

CPT taught him to market and brand himself in this area, and at present, his speaking engagements start at a minimum of RM10K an hour. 

Benefit #2: You Will Attain a Lavish Lifestyle

A typical day for certified professional trainers involves travelling to a location in which the training will take place, which may not be their office. The training venue could often be in an upscale hotel conference room or even a country club.    

You will get the opportunity to travel around the state or around the world while getting extra zeros in your income.

You could be giving a talk at The Ritz-Carlton in sales marketing during the day and enjoy a relaxing time with a glass of wine on the luxurious bed for free during the night.

Jonathan Low, President of Global Speakers Federation 2015-2016 and is recognised globally as one of the top 10 best hospitality speakers had also attended the CPT course, regularly travels to other countries for his speaking engagements, logging in over 50 countries, from the United States to Dubai and more.

Jonathan Low - highly paid international Certified Professional Trainer
Jonathan Low is a global Certified Professional Trainer who always speak to international audiences.

Benefit #3: Accelerate Your Personal Growth

Engagement plays a vital role in personal fulfilment in the workplace. A recent Chronicle study discovered the numerous benefits of becoming a trainer, and amongst them, training creates psycho-social support, which gives an increased sense of competence.

Furthermore, whether you realise it or not, training comes with the benefit of developing interpersonal skills that can be helpful in all aspects of your career. 

Trainees think, learn and communicate differently; so you have to adapt to varied learning styles which will help you develop conflict-resolution skills, and become more relatable. 

Becoming a Certified Professional Trainer also helps you to get outside of your comfort zone. You may have stage fright, or you’re just not confident enough in talking in front of a crowd with great eloquence. 

Becoming a Certified Professional Trainer means you have to speak in different environments and in front of different audiences with multiple backgrounds. Doing your work while also practising your speech day by day will help you a lot in becoming a better you.

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Benefit #4: Gain Access to More Business Opportunities

As a Certified Professional Trainer, you are representing your company, business, brand and personal identity. So, you have an opportunity to indirectly promote your business, brand and products without trying to oversell your services.

The attendees should not feel compelled nor know that they are being sucked in. If you do it skillfully and with tact, you will be successful in attracting potential customers. Sometimes, even if you don’t get clients immediately, you may receive referrals from attendees.

When you prepare and deliver an excellent presentation, you are enticing your audience into liking you and hence generate interest towards your products and services. Your speech should be aimed at leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Besides, you will meet a lot of new people from various business backgrounds. It will be good for you to enlarge your network circle and help you in developing new relationships in the corporate world.

Benefit #5: Develop and refine your skills

One of the best ways to develop your skills is by helping others. You’ve been in their shoes, and teaching a trainee can give you a much-needed refresh. Given the experience you have now, it’s helpful to revisit the beginning stages of your job with wiser eyes.

Training someone else can help you understand how the puzzle fits together and apply that knowledge to your current role.

You might even become a better trainer by sharing the things you wish you had known at the beginning with your trainee.

Click here if you have the passion and desire to share your expertise and skills, to help others change their lives for the better.

Benefit #6: Get Promoted Without a Hitch

If you are hired as a trainer for a particular company, there are high chances that you will get promoted to a higher position. 

The EvoLLLution study found 78% of employers said employees with higher knowledge in specific job aspects impact promotion and advancement.

Because you are the key to helping new employees acclimate, the company can’t afford to lose you. Plus, you will become a master after repetitively training others on the ins and outs of job tasks. You’ll also slowly acquire the skills needed to manage others. 

Then, the next time a management position opens, there’s a higher chance that you’ll be top-of-mind for a promotion.

How To Become A Certified Professional Trainer?

Numerous organisations provide the service of training you to become an excellent certified professional trainer. But, not all will make you a successful one. 

Jonathan Low is one of the world’s foremost Hospitality speaker and trainer. He has been recognised as one of the Top 30 Global Guru Hospitality leader and expert speaker, and he is the only Asian to be elected as President of Global Speakers Federation 2015-2016.

Like everyone else, he also started as a trainee by joining the Certified Professional Trainers (CPT) course first, which helped him to become one of the only Asian speakers to rank up there to be a giant in his industry. 

Be a certified corporate trainer.

The CPT course has also helped many done the following: 

  1. Train and certify more than 1,200 professional trainers from over 20 different countries, from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, all the way to the UAE.
  2. Transformed their financial and personal lives, with many getting paid up to USD2,000 per training day.
  3. Travel the world and conduct training for organisations, institutions, banks, multinational companies for CEOs and directors.
  4. Getting paid handsomely over and over again doing what they love best.

CPT has assisted many people in achieving their dreams, and it’s time to chase yours.

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Nasreen Nasser
Nasreen Nasser

Nasreen Nasser is a keen writer of tips and hacks for people who look forward to starting an online business. She also passionate about personal finance and ways to earn a long-term passive income.

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