Building SMART Business In Challenging Times

In this live session, you'll learn the TOP 6 business strategies to double your business results with only half of your effort. These strategies can be implement immediately after the class (with step-by-step guide and case studies!)

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Challenges Faced By Business Owner Today

Higher cost of running business

Price war because of stiff competition

Profit margin is getting thinner 

Cash flow issue that prevents business from expanding

Run out of workable ideas to improve your business

Exhausted, thinking of winding up my company

Want to innovate but doesn't know where to begin

Building and retaining talent in your organization

Stressed out due to business partnership issue


Existing Business Owner

  •  Who have minimum one staff under the company.
  •  Who wants to acquire strategic business skills to achieve extraordinary breakthrough for their existing business.
  •  Who face challenges and want to proceed with paradigm shift for the business. 

These 6 Strategies and Blueprint Is For You

Having consulted over 100 companies from 40 different industries, with over 35 year of practical experience and distilled process, KC have summarized these 6 strategies that you can put into action immediately after the workshop:

  • How to run your business the SMARTER way, in today's modern busiess world, even if you do not have capital to start with.  
  • The difference between business man and an entrepreneur, effectiveness vs efficiency, the advance time management concept, top 10 attributes that you must have as an entrepreneur and so much more...  
  • How do you increase sales and profits with limited marketing budget that you have? Here KC will run an excercise and process that you can use to improve your business sales with minor changes in your marketing channels.  
  • How to leverage in business, how do you find collaboration and how to structure simple deals with others for just half of your total effort, time spent and resources, without feeling overwhelmed.  
  • Step-by-step process to boost your market share, increase the value of your business and strengthen your positioning with KC proven format.  
  • Reevaluate your business model and make changes that would dramatically change your results.  
  • 10 revolutionary ideas to grow your business in the future and how you can be part of it.

and so much more... 

Bonus Workshop - We'll Also Talk About: 

  • Discover the two phrases of business structure.
  • Top 10 business opportunities in 2020 (Asia Pacific).
  • Getting to the root of the problem: find out what is your business goals. 
  • How you can grow your business without spending extra time. 
  • Discover how you can make your business work for you, no need to wear all hats and do all stuff from the ground.
  • The secret of market share penetration from different industries, eg. BMW Automotive & Pharmacy Industry.

Choose Your Session:

  •  KUALA LUMPUR (The Learning Center, Wisma Quest)
  •  PENANG (Evergreen Laurel Hotel, George Town)

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  • Table talk and Q&A session with KC about your business challenges.

About Entrepreneur Treasure Chest:

This book is based upon my 35 years of knowledge and experience throughout my entrepreneurial journey. The knowledge within this book has helped many of my clients, having consulted over hundreds of companies throughout Asia and coached entrepreneurs that have generated millions of dollars in sales, accelerate their business growth and success with my proven business blueprints.  

What This Book Has To Offer:  

This book will give you valuable insights on how to set up a successful business without wasting time, money. More importantly, it will help you avoid the expensive mistakes I made previously.  

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If you spent too much time in the business rather than out of the business... 

You'll be very exhausting, tiring and you'll lose your motivation.  

If you found out the 20% of what you need to do can literally achieve 80% of your results.  

What are te 20%? And this LIVE session is all about :- 

Giving you the 20% that is powerful enough to help you get the rest of your 80%.  

As a business owner, you should focus on growing your company value, let someone take care of your business in operaitonal.

What you need to do is to invest 180 minutes into a LIVE session where you'll learn the implemented strategies from a serial entrepreneur with over 34 years who has trained and coached the management of multiple Multinational Corporations!

The LIVE session is happening in 


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Meet Your Instructor

KC See

KC See is the founder of QUEST Group companies, CEO of MasteryAsia, a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and international speaker.  

Over the past decade, KC has trained, mentored and coached over 120,000 people from all walks of life, helping them to achieve breakthrough results in their life, income and business goals.  

From professionals to CEOs, directors and business owners, KC has also worked with SMEs and multi-national corporations to improve their performance, productivity and increase their organisation's bottom line.  

KC See's Clientele

KC See's Clientele