STAYING at the same job position for too long can stall your career growth. So it’s very important for you to know how to climb the corporate ladder quickly.

Recently, my boss, CEO of Quest MasteryAsia Group KC See shared a few handy tips for career development in our staff meeting. He gave us some career development advice and tips to further it.



This week, he shared “5 ways on how to climb the corporate ladder quickly”. I found it useful so I decided to share it with everyone today!

Tips 1: Learn how to become a leader even if you’re not a team leader yet.

Knowing how to work with other people, be it your colleagues, managers or clients is how you build your leadership skills.

Leadership is all about influence. If you can influence, motivate and inspire people to work with you towards a common goal or end result, you’re on the right track to be a good leader.

Another critical skill you can build when you work with others is your communication skills. People with fluent communication skills are able to convince others, a skill no less important when getting others to work with you.

Tips 2: Improve your EQ – interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

When comes to leadership, EQ  Interpersonal skills are how you can work with others or work in a team while intrapersonal skills are knowing and managing your own emotions.

To be a leader, you need to know how to manage your emotions when working with others. Instead of complaining or bad-mouthing someone, you should focus on achieving the end result. Also, a side effect of the constant complains is an increase in negative emotions at the atmosphere.

Negative energy will, therefore, affect your reputation in an organisation, as you will be seen as a constant complainer and therefore a negative person. People will avoid you.

Mastering your internal world is also one of the key factors of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Tips 3: Work with difficult people even you don’t like them.

If you can work with the most difficult person, then you can work with anyone.

In an anecdote, KC spoke of an ex-staff, a wise bookkeeper who dealt easily with what was the most difficult person in the company.

He advised that one will always meet people with “difficult” characters along our path. Take it as a challenge with a positive mindset, learn how to work better with others, even people with so-called “difficult” characters and you’ll be able to work with anyone.

Tips 4: You don’t need to know everything except know how to lead others.

If you want to climb your corporate ladder faster, or even be a business leader in future, you must understand that you will not know everything or possess excellent technical skills in every single role.

There will be many others who have more knowledge and better technical skills than you. However, the key to being a successful leader is not knowing more, but the ability to lead people to work together towards the common goal.

Remember, you can’t learn everything, but you can learn how to gather different people who possess diverse skills to work together.

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Tips 5: Willing to know what others are doing and help them when needed.

A company will not grow without a team of people who take not only the responsibilities of their own jobs but also, care about others.

If you can share your thoughts and advice or even extend help to others when needed, you own a crucial characteristic to being a good leader. (To be clear: This is not about mindlessly helping other people to do their work!)

Giving guidance and ideas will improve your reputation and increase your chances of a promotion.

So there you have it. To climb the corporate ladder faster than others, make the leap from employee to a leader, move from specialist to generalist, learn how to communicate with others, including “difficult” people.

I hope everyone learnt something from these tips. Leave your comment and share your thoughts with us!

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