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MasteryAsia Investors Group (MIG) started out in 2005 as a investor club those who understand the power of having first hand information and an unfair advantage over the rest of the market.

When you can make investment decisions before others can and the rest following suit; and when you have access to information others don’t, that is power!

We are a community of investors that share similar goals as you. In this group, you can discuss, exchange and jointly analyze investment ideas and opportunities, and have access to investment experts and advisors.

By joining this group, your investment network, portfolio and your returns will grow faster than your wildest imagination.

This is your golden opportunity to be part of the largest investor clubof its kind in the region.

This is why MIG was formed.


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Being part of the MasteryAsia Investors Group (MIG)

Gives You The Following Opportunities:

  • Receive privileged investment opportunities before the public

  • Get expert advice to make wise investment decisions

  • Protect yourself financially and reduce your investment risk

  • Have first hand information on investment updates and trends

  • Investment networking opportunity with industry experts and other investors like yourself


The ultimate level of achievement in personal financial management is to not just to become an investor but to become a smart investor.

Quest MasteryAsia Group is committed in helping our members to create wealth through selected investment opportunity and strategies.

3 Key Success Factors for having an UNFAIR advantage


Continuous Learning

Risks in investment comes from not knowing about the market. Quest MasteryAsia Group which provides Financial Education and coaching for people to achieve their Multiple Sources of Income. We encourage our members to LEARN and LEVERAGE on the right knowledge.

Investor Networking

Your Network is your net worth! We are a strong believer of networking as we organize Networking Events almost every month to connect investors, entrepreneurs and professionals together.

MIG Networking

MIG Investor-Group

Investor Group

The MasteryAsia Investor Group (MIG) is a club for investors who understands the power of having privileged first-hand information and access to expert advice, investment opportunities as well as to other investors with similar interest and a shared network.

You Must Have Access To The 3 Elements To Become A Successful Investor.

MIG Focuses on Worldwide Investment
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Benefits of MIG Members

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As a member of MIG, you will have curated investment opportunities which undergo a rigorous screening process that promises to generate a high net-worth return. Investors will be able to make good investment decisions by having access to privileged opportunities before the market has access to it while protecting themselves financially with reduced investment risks. The Unfair Advantage of a Rich and Successful investor is getting the right information and opportunities earlier than everyone else. It means getting lower than the LOW and better than the BEST by joining the MasteryAsia Investors Group (MIG).

MIG Packages

**Dinners are arranged 6 times in a year in different selected restaurants. Members pay a privileged price, typically below the normal restaurant’s price.

Join 1,866 investors who've invested in over 11 businesses, 20 property projects with more than $38 million through the MasteryAsia Investors Group (MIG)

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you