The right way to use LinkedIn
for new business in 2019

Generate Targeted Leads. Attract Unlimited Business Opportunity. Close More Sales and Become a Business Influencer Today!

Increase Business Influence . Pool True Prospects . Double Your Referrals . Generate Targeted Appointments . Retain Customers . Increase Sales

You will learn the discipline of doing outcome-based power moves within minutes of activity, then structuring these moves within a 20-minute daily block of time to generate targeted referrals, leads and appointments.

There is an extensive online coaching and support system as platforms and techniques are developed constantly after the 3-day live workshop. This course follows with micro-learning principals so that you can continuously develop your social influencing skills.

LinkedIn™ "Get Found FIRST" Program

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Complete Leads and Appointments Generating System

    Learn how to build, optimize and position your LinkedIn profile to attract referrals using LinkedIn advanced features, keywords and the engagement technique.

  • Supercharge Your Brand & Expand Your Social Influence

    Master step-by-step instructional lessons (and video lessons) on how to build your successful training business profile on platforms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

  • Turn Your Referrals and Connection into New Business

    Learn the essentials of social influence and social selling principles, strategies and neuro science network to shorten your sales cycle and generate new business consistently.

  • Establish Long Term Lead Generation and Automated Referral System

    Using the trust, conversion, and network-building to create genuine professional relationships within your network. Find clients and prospects with just 20 minutes a day and scale your business quickly and effectively.