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3 Mins Learning A Day To Enhance Your Personal Growth

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What is Hooty Social Learning Platform?

Hooty is a social learning platform designed to help individuals who wish to learn better, grow faster and improve their life.

Hooty aims to connect learners and experts together to build a fun and engaging learning environment.

If you have the passion to learn, grow and participate, Hooty is the place to be!

3 mins learning a day to enhance your personal growth

15 mins learning a day to transform your life

Hooty Specialises in Videos and Articles

In Hooty, we specialise in video and article content that allows our learners to learn in a fun, creative and engaging process. This way, our learners can pick up real-world skills quickly and easily.

Now With Over 5,000 Mins of Video Content on Hooty Social Learning Platform

We present every lesson in a simple, concise, yet creative way, making the lesson interesting and engaging.

We focus on learning efficiency, and we believe that 3 - 5 minutes of learning a day allows you to quickly master any knowledge you care to search for.

We advocate learning every day to increase our learning in order to achieve maximum results.

In addition, NEW content learning videos will be uploaded once a week.


Top 5 Hooty Celebrity Experts
Mas Marlena

Public Speaking
Mas Marlena

Shane Choo Hooty

Stock Investment
Shane Choo

Daphne Au

Sales and Marketing
Daphne Au

Heng-Zee-Soon Hooty

Property Investment
Heng Zee Soon

Kellies Cho

Estate Planning
Kellies Cho

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