Scholars who graduated from the Money Mastery Mentorship Program experienced the biggest breakthrough in wealth creation at our legendary 3 days boot camp (28th – 30th October 2017 @ Vivatel). This life-changing boot camp furnished our graduates with unforgettable experiences and precious memories.

This boot camp is a unique and personalized wealth creation program in helping you to achieve that financial independence which you have been dreaming for all the while. Hosted by renowned master mentor KC See, and a team of expert practitioners, Money Mastery boot camp laid the foundation for you to discover your passion and goals.

Throughout the event, graduates learned how to make money, with or without money. They will understand what has been stopping them from creating the life they desire and they will discover the Principle of Leveraging, the criteria for selecting their Multiple Sources of Income and the R.I.C.E. Formula. In fact, graduates breakthrough their personal barriers and created actual sources of income at the boot camp where ideas are generated, partnerships are created and lifelong connections are made.

What our graduates learned:

  • Creating multiple sources of income
  • Understand where your paths and careers taking you to
  • Get started on what you really want
  • Start an additional sources of income with the assistance of community which have plenty of resources, contacts, ideas and expertise
  • Bring your existing income to another level
  • Discover your passion and start creating passive income
  • Learn how to attract the right opportunities, the right people and the right resources
  • Form a mastermind group

In Money Mastery 3 days boot camp, graduates experienced group couching and personal review session and form their own Mastermind Groups. They also learned everything about wealth creation and come out from the boot camp with skills that allow them to accomplish more with less, maximizing their life for long term financial security. Some pictures at our FB.

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