It’s been a tradition for MasteryAsia and to have jointly designed and organize a special program known as the Millionaire Forum which is one of the main highlights at Home and Property Investment Fair every year. In 2018, we marked into the 10th year of hosting the forum.

Millionaire Forum by MasteryAsia was held on 21st January 2018 (Sunday) from 3.30pm to 5.15pm at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. The forum, titled “Where to put your money in Year 2018”, aims to discuss and put forward extensive information for investment trends, opportunities and directions from a distinguished panel of investments experts and experienced investors.

Moderated by KC See, we had 3 notable panellists whom are experts in their field and willing to share their knowledge and insight about the industry which worth investing for the future. Firstly, we were honoured to have Kyri Anderou, Co-Founder & Director at ATA PLUS, the world’s first Blockchain-enhanced licensed equity crowdfunding (ECF) platform. He explained how we could invest via crowdfunding platform and its benefits.

Next, we were pleased to have Elizabeth Siew, a lawyer by profession, the author of the book entitled ‘Smart Property Investors Know The Law’, a book that is written for property investors at large who are laymen in law. Her experience includes advising foreign corporations in respect of setting up businesses outside Malaysia, drafting and negotiating commercial documents including documents in respect of transactions or business activities in the hospitality and property sectors; drafting and negotiating documents in respect of property transactions. 

Last but not least, we were privileged to have YY Tho, Director of Compliance for Dascoin has extensive experience in asset acquisition and disposition as well as negotiations with governments involving the oil and gas industry throughout Asia Pacific advising us about investing into cryptocurrency.

Millionaire Forum was indeed an interactive session between the panellists and investors.

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