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  • Convenience. Access the 10 interactive modules anywhere and anytime.

  • Designed for experienced investors who want to start investing in the global market.

  • Learn the global macro trading strategies to profit in the recession or recovery period in the global market.

  • Learn the global macro trading methods of protecting yourself when the market turns against you.

  • Learn how you can generate consistent profit in the global macro trading market no matter how the economy is doing.

  • Have the opportunity to connect with both speakers, PC Wong & Shane Choo and interact with them through a closed community group.

PC wong

Meet Your Master Trainer

PC WONG earned his degree at the National University of Singapore and what followed next was a series of stints in several multinationals and public listed companies.

He has been a retail investor for almost 20 years and begins to study and invest actively in the foreign markets for the past 5 years where his foreign shares portfolio has returned him more than 200% in profits.

He also is the author of the books “Invest In Foreign Shares!” and “Invest In REITs!” both books are available at Popular bookstores. “Invest In Foreign Shares!” reached Popular’s top 10 bestseller in August 2014 in the non-fiction category.

PC Wong is also a speaker on Financial Analysis and Investment at HP’s Financial Awareness Week and is an Investment Trainer in collaboration with Mastery Asia’s Life Champ for Bursa Young Investors Club

He was invited as speaker Bursa’s Marketplace Fair from January 9-10 for the topic: “REITs As An Alternative To Property Investment”

Meet Your Master Trainer

Shane Choo is the Director of LifeChamp, where he conducts extensive financial literacy programs for young adults. Currently, he is a stock analyst for CITYPlus FM on weekly Monday morning segment.

With over 10 years of experience in stock market, ETF, and foreign currency trading, he has mastered the art of stock market investing through his tried and tested approach to achieve consistent results through the value investing method.

He works extensively with Bursa Malaysia to plan, design and conduct powerful stock simulation and stock investment programmes for the past 4 years. Being an advisor to Bursa Young Investor Club, he has trained over 10,000 individuals in stock investment. Aside from Bursa Malaysia, he is also engaged as a stock trainer for investment banks and technical charting companies.

Shane is also a Certified Professional Trainer by IPMA, UK and a columnist for NextUpAsia. In 2015, he was acknowledged by President Obama for his work as a young leader in financial education..



  • How to identifythe big trends and investin the sectors that are likely to attract the hot money when the next paradigm shift occurs.
  • How do you connect the dots that is happening to beable to make sense of any economic trend& know where to source data before jumping into your next profitable investment.
  • Discover how you can utilize ETF as a powerful tool to long and short the market with ease... Consistently.
  • Learn what asset class to invest in during an economic slowdown & the strategies to maximise profit.
  • Understand hedging strategies during a recession to minimize risks.
  • Uncover the secrets to pick up cheap undervalued stocks in a recovery that gives a high dividend yield.
  • Learn how to ride the trend in a bullish market and make massive capital gain.
  • Find out how you can follow the flow of money to sectors and markets that are likely to outperform.
  • Learn how to manage your capital and portfolio effectively, and learn how to hedge your position.
  • Master the art of trading global stocks like a pro & learn different brokerage platforms, and the exchange information to reduce your investment cost and expenses.
  • ...And so much more

Here are the 10 Modules of in-depth
learning broken down for you:

  • MODULE 1: Understand Global Economy & Emerging Markets Outlook

Gain latest insight on global economy outlook, understand important metrics in the financial world. What are some of the emerging market, what to look for, sign of reset, productivity, GDP growth, Key Statistics, where to get these valuable information and so much more

  • MODULE 2: Economy Masterclass-Turning Valuable Information Into Profits

Learn how does central bank works and how they control the country's economy by implementing different strategies such as quantitative easing, raising or reducing interest rate, controlling the inflation rate of a country, the market operation and also, learn how to get all data sources to help you make a better decision when it comes to investing

  • MODULE 3: Profit from ETF Safely & Consistently

Is it possible to achieve 12% - 15% every year with minimum risks? The answer is YES. By learning how to invest in ETF, anyone can achieve great returns. This module teaches you everything you need to know to profit from the ETF market... safely and consistently!

  • MODULE 4: Strategies to Profit in Economic Slowdown

Learn how you can profit during an economic slowdown by understanding the sectors that will be affected, the growth strategies in emerging markets, and hedging strategies that are essential to your stock market investment.

  • MODULE 5: How to Get Started in Global Investing with Ease

Learn all about what it takes to get started in the stock exchange globally without having to make mistakes along the way. You will be learning about the taxes involved, brokerage and the comparison to all the broker rates globally.

  • MODULE 6: Strategies to Profit During Recession

Learn more about recession and how you can get yourself prepared so that you will easily master the income and growth strategies.

  • MODULE 7: Strategies to Profit During Recovery

Understand more about what a is recovery and what will happen in a recovery. You will also learn some recovery strategies using ETFs, REITs, and all the must-know growth strategies during the recovery period.

  • MODULE 8: Strategies to Invest & Profit During an Expansion

Learn more on expansion and opportunities & sectors for investment in an expansion in this module. You will also learn about the growth strategies, income strategies & the strategies during an expansion.

  • MODULE 9: Global Shares & Sector Rotation Strategies

Learn about the commodities trends and agriculture index to help you maximize your profits in the stock market. You will also be learning about China, Russia, India & the Global ETFs strategies.

  • MODULE 10: Portfolio Construction & Money Management

Master the strategies of managing and hedging your portfolio. The principles and case study taught is crucial to help you maximizing your ROI with minimal risks. Of course, when it comes to risk management, it's all about loses... But most people find it difficult to do, but we'll show you how to overcome this challenges

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat are the benefits of learning through a webinar?

    Since Webinars take place over the Internet directly on your computer, there is no need to leave the office or factor in travel time. Because of this, many professionals are using this technology as a time-efficient method of learning and obtaining knowledge.

  • q-iconAre there any other bonuses with this course?

    Yes. When you purchase this course, you will be getting additional bonuses such as:

    SPECIAL BONUS 1:Closed group community to support and guide you in the journey of global investing! ($197 Value)

    SPECIAL BONUS 2:3 Months stock pick session to cut short your time and effort so that you can start riding on the expert’s guide right away! ($291 Value)

    SPECIAL BONUS 3:Life time access to ALL the 10 modules, with over 10+ hours of intensive teaching, the login access will be sent to you within 24 hours ($297 Value)

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