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  • Convenience - Access the 7 interactive modules anywhere and anytime
  • Designed for beginners and complete newbies to profit consistently from the stock market
  • Learn the strategies in Value Investing as used by renowned investors around the world
  • Gain extra 10% - 30% profit a year without spending hours reading charts every single day
  • Learn how you can generate consistent profit in the stock investment market
  • Have the opportunity to connect with speaker Shane Choo and interact with him through a closed stock investment community group

Meet Your Master Trainer


Shane Choo is the Director of LifeChamp, where he conducts extensive financial literacy programs for young adults. Currently, he is a stock analyst for CITYPlus FM on weekly Monday morning segment.

With over 10 years of experience in stock investment market, ETF, and foreign currency trading, he has mastered the art of stock market investing through his tried and tested approach to achieve consistent results through the value investing method.

He works extensively with Bursa Malaysia to plan, design and conduct powerful stock simulation and stock investment programmes for the past 4 years. Being an advisor to Bursa Young Investor Club, he has trained over 10,000 individuals in stock investment. Aside from Bursa Malaysia, he is also engaged as a stock trainer for investment banks and technical charting companies.

Shane is also a Certified Professional Trainer by IPMA, UK and a columnist for NextUpAsia. In 2015, he was acknowledged by President Obama for his work as a young leader in financial education..


  • All the principles you need to know to become profitable in value investing.

  • The 3-step process to identify good fundamentals in stock investment… No matter how the economy is.

  • How to dissect companies’ income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement like a pro even if you started with ZERO financial background.

  • Get all the criteria and checklist to save you hours of research, maximize your return and effort.

  • Dig into the“Dos” and “Don’ts” to plan for your entry and exit when you invest.

  • Understand the economic factor, sector, industry and company itself to maximize your return.

  • How to identify whether a company is overpriced or undervalued.

  • Understand the psychology of a successful investor to help accelerate your success rate in stock investment.


  • MODULE 1: Stock Market Basics
  • So that you understand completely how the stock investment market works, learn different types of stocks, and gain confidence to invest profitably in the market.
  • MODULE 2: Language of Business
  • So that you can read and understand financial statements, make sense of the number, and ultimately be able to dissect the financial statements to the bone.
  • MODULE 3: Value Investing Strategy
  • So that you learn our proven 3-step system & 8 quantitative criteria in identifying an undervalued company, find a low-risk entry, and maximize your profit in your stock investment.
  • MODULE 4: Money Management
  • So that you know how to do capital allocation and position sizing effectively, and learn to manage your risk in stock investment.
  • MODULE 5: Portfolio Construction
  • So that you can build your portfolio based on your risk profile and learn to manage your stock investment portfolio effectively.
  • MODULE 6: The Psychology of Investor
  • So that you know how to manage your emotion in investing and build a winning investor mindset.
  • MODULE 7: Getting Started In Investing
  • So that you know how to buy and sell stocks in the trading platform, learn different types of trading account and the brokerage information.


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What are the benefits of learning through a webinar?

Since webinars take place over the internet directly on your computer, there is no need to leave the office or factor in travel time. Because of this, many professionals are using this technology as a time-efficient method of learning and obtaining knowledge.

Are there any other bonuses with this course?

Yes. When you purchase this course, you will be getting additional bonuses such as:

 *FREE BONUS worth USD 197: VIM Facebook Community, With Updates, Q&A,   Trends and News From Shane.

 *FREE BONUS worth USD 197: VIM Investing Worksheet

 *PLUS EXTRA BONUS worth USD 1261: 13 EXTRA Stock Investment Powerful  Video Training Modules


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