THE marketplace for trainers has become smaller these days. The world is ever more connected and getting to the top of the ladder can be quite a challenging task. 

The number of trainers is increasing, primarily with the deception of many who call themselves professional trainers despite not being certified or not trained specifically for it.

It appears as if the capability to become a highly paid Certified Professional Trainer is only by having a fraction of knowledge on a subject matter. Therefore, it’s critical for you to aim to be the best in what you do. 

Listed down below are the 8 important traits to having what it takes to become an eminent guru:

1. Be Competent in Your Field

If you want to train a crowd of people on a subject matter or if you want to attract a greater number of people to sign up your coaching session at least, building up your credibility is the way to go. 

The way to attain your credibility is through enhancing your knowledge in the area of your expertise, or even showing others that you know what you are talking about. You want to be able to answer questions from your audiences, particularly the unanticipated ones. 

Nothing shows your credibility better than knowing more than what you are espousing at that moment. 

2. Strengthen Your Presentation Skills

It’s common for some audiences to sit through dull presentations while a trainer languidly paces through slides with minimal effort. Even if the audience were excited to learn at the beginning, bad training sessions can kill any enthusiasm they may have had as the audiences soon start zoning out.

Nonetheless, training doesn’t have to be boring. To keep things fresh and maximise the chances of gaining and holding your audience’s attention, try to improvise on your teaching style by strengthening your presentational skills. 

Be different and bold with your training material. Don’t regurgitate old formats; have fun with different formats of teaching. Your training skills will be one of the key criteria to determine whether you can be a highly paid Certified Professional Trainer.

Moreover, adopt good communication skills. A good facilitator encourages open communication by ensuring inclusion whereby each member can participate and feel involved. Also, scan for non-verbal cues through behavioural observations to ensure your audience are not bored and understand what you’re saying. At the end of the training, provide a conclusion and paraphrases for clarification of what you’ve taught.

Good communication skills also encompass the ability to be a good speaker to convey your message strategically. It’s normal to get some words wrong or stutter due to nervousness.

Take for instance, Dato’ Sri Dr KC Lee, founder and chairman of the Majestic Group of Companies who made his mark as an inbound travel provider and operator, with a focus on highlighting Malaysia on the international stage as the world’s premier travel destination. 

As his company grew, he found himself having to give speeches to his employees and audiences alike, locally and abroad. This presented a challenge for him as he could not articulate his thoughts well and found himself to be an unimpressive speaker.

In June 2018, he decided to join the Certified Professional Trainers (CPT) and enrolled in its mandarin intake. The programme managed to upgrade himself into becoming an international speaker.

Dato’ Sri Dr KC Lee, one of our Certified Professional Trainer.
Dato’ Sri Dr KC Lee, Founder and Chairman of the Majestic Group of Companies.

3. Find Your Niche

Be selective in the topics of training that you offer, if you want to become a highly paid Certified Professional Trainer. 

Choose your field of expertise, then narrow down what is the niche that you want to be known for in the marketplace. Make it something unique that people have a demand for. There’s no use if your training is one in a million but nobody is interested in it.

One of the world’s foremost Hospitality speaker and trainer who started his journey by joining Certified Professional Trainers (CPT), Jonathan Low, used a niche of hospitality, an industry he specialised a lot in for the last 20 years. He started by focusing on developing a lot of sales, service and leadership within the hospitality space which is his expertise and from there, continue to grow into different industries.

Jonathan Low, highly paid Certified Professional Trainer
Jonathan Low, Global Speaker, Leadership Success Coach & Author.

Find a niche and think about where that niche is going to be for you and how it expands for you to master other niches, hence providing more training and more profit in return.

There’s no use in becoming a Jack of all trades but you’re not well grasped on a niche. These days, most people aren’t looking to learn about hospitality as a general topic. Instead, they would rather dive into the specifics of a field.

4. Learn Marketing

One of the problems trainers are facing nowadays is the inability to market themselves strategically. They have a challenge in selling their product, themselves as a resource and their solution to organisations with staff that need training.

Marketing yourself is as important as your skills and knowledge. Without marketing to help you boost your customers, you won’t be able to use your expertise to its full potential. Learn about marketing and be comfortable in seeing how other successful trainers are doing it as well. 

To be a highly paid Certified Professional Trainer, you must learn how to market yourself, in order to speak to a larger group of audience. You have a lot to offer that could be marketed. You just need the knowledge to start somewhere.

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5. Measure and Deliver Results

When you attend training programmes, what do you hope to achieve? 

To thrive in your business you need to measure and deliver results. Highly-paid Certified Professional Trainers that are often getting invited to give training consistently are those that can help organisations measure and support it with the delivery of results. 

The more frequent you can measure and deliver results of your coaching to individuals or companies, the more demand people will have of you. Produce exceptional results that persuade organisations to constantly come back to you if they want someone to train their staff effectively.

Stay in touch with your trainees so that they can share with you their success and take that as an advantage to make them as your testimonials.

6. Keep Gaining New Knowledge

Being an expert in your chosen field doesn’t stop you from constantly gaining knowledge. 

Let’s say you are an expert in the hospitality field, venture out into sales or the customer service aspect of the industry you’re already an expert in. This way, you could have multiple niches and provide more training.

Jonathan Low, for instance, found his niche in the hospitality industry. However, he continued to equip himself with knowledge on sales, customer service, leadership and he makes sure to learn something new every day.

What’s more, many starters stop midway where they have learned an abundance, but they never step into the next stage; becoming a trainer. Learning is important but if you spend the whole time preparing for years, never implementing your training business, you will never come close to success eventually.

Don’t forget to keep a good attitude. You could have broad knowledge and amazing speaking skills, but that does not make you a successful guru if you are not passionate enough to wake up every day and impart new knowledge to people who are eager to learn and made the sacrifice to spend a huge amount of money to listen to what you have to say.

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7. Think, Act, and Go Global

The marketplace doesn’t have to be restricted to the country you’re residing in. Never reject offers coming from different countries and have the courage to offer your unique service to people from various countries where they might not have in their country yet.

For instance, Jonathan Low, one of the world’s foremost Hospitality speaker and trainer who joined Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) community from Malaysia who took the offer of giving training for Indonesian organisations in the hospitality industry.

Going global presents a golden opportunity for you to meet new people from all over the world which indirectly expands your international network. This will grant a huge opportunity to build relationships with big corporate figures and grow your business even further.

8. Serve it Forward

Serving it forward is a mindset that whatever you do, you do it without expecting to receive anything in return.

To have the mindset of serving it forward, it must be your ultimate goal to be genuine in helping people make productive changes. As long as you are making a difference in somebody’s life, you will become a respected trainer, someone that is going to be called upon by countless organisations.

Make it a mission statement in each of your training, speaking and coaching intervention to help your trainees improve their performance individually and as an organisation.

Once you’ve mastered these 8 keys, you’ll be at the top of the ladder in your field of expertise and become a highly paid Certified Professional Trainer. Be mindful, the most important step you need to execute first is discovering a niche from your area of expertise. From there, you will be able to plan on starting your training business.

If you’d like to join the success of Jonathan Low and KC Lee and generate more income, sign up now with CPT to get help in finding your niche and learn the do’s and don’ts in flourishing your business. 

Highly paid Certified Professional Trainer

The CPT course has also helped many done the following: 

  1. Train and certify more than 1,200 professional trainers from over 20 different countries, from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, all the way to the UAE.
  2. Transformed their financial and personal lives, with many getting paid up to USD2,000 per training day.
  3. Travel the world and conduct training for organisations, institutions, banks, multinational companies for CEOs and directors.
  4. Getting paid handsomely over and over again doing what they love best.

CPT has assisted many people in achieving their dreams, and it’s time to chase yours.

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