We’re a global coaching & mentoring organisation that is fully dedicated in helping our members achieve financial independence through our unique results based coaching & mentoring.

Established in 1997, we have trained and impacted over 300,000 members all around the world from South East Asia, Hong Kong, China, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa to Europe & North America.

Through our unique customisation programmes, we’re dedicated to helping our members start seeing REAL RESULTS in less than 6 months after attending our workshops. Our Quest Community members will also get continuous support and coaching.

Over the past two decades, MasteryAsia has coached & mentored hundreds of thousands of individuals from all walks of life to achieve their financial independence and success in business. We have also risen through the ranks of self-development corporations by achieving real-life results with our members.

Being dedicated to financial independence and business success through education, coaching & mentoring is more than just our mission statement. It is a reflection of our commitment to assist individuals in the actualisation of their dreams.

Our Vision

MasteryAsia specialises in coaching people for multiple sources of income from all walks of life in the achievement of their financial independence and business success through education, coaching & mentoring.

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Financial Freedom

Our Mission

We give people access to transformational knowledge to empower them to kick-start their personal and financial growth to lead an extraordinary life.

Our Values

QUality – Obsessed with quality and only deliver the best results to the customers

Excellence – Do more to excel and achieve more than expected, always.

Service – Giving extraordinary care and services to support our customers, investors and graduates continuously .

Technology – Provide and to use the latest platform to maximise the opportunities and results for our customers.

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Benefits of Joining Us