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About Money Mastery Mentorship Programme

Learn how to build your wealth by joining Money Mastery Mentorship Programme (MMMP) which helps individual to achieve financial independence through a unique, personalized wealth creation system, designed according to individual’s passion and strengths.

This renowned learning program goes beyond the normal seminar offerings and provides a long-term, durable pathway to financial freedom and personal fulfillment. MMMP offers a system of learning which exceeds the run-of-the mill seminar experiences and assists individual to remove the restraints that they place on their financial goals and life.

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The biggest enemies to wealth creation is FEAR & INACTION. People give in to fear because starting something new seems uncertain and risky.

The majority of people fail to realize that our income zone is in directly proportional to our comfort zone.

In other words, the bigger your comfort zone is, the higher your capability to earn money.

MMMP teaches you how to build your wealth by expanding your comfort zone through an intensive series of experiential learning activities, giving you a KICK START in you wealth creation journey.


A large number of people who embarked on their wealth creation journey, made wrong choices because they have no guidelines to help them to make the right decisions.

In MMMP, members are equipped with skills that allows you to accomplish more with less and maximising their life for long-term financial security.


In order to help our members to make the right decisions,

we will share with you on:

Principles of LEVERAGING

Leveraging Time and Cost

R.I.C.E Success Formula for Wealth Creation

RICE formula

Criteria of Selecting Your Multiple Sources of Income (MSI)

Multiple Sources of Income (MSI)

How to Get Paid Doing What You Love!

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Some of you may have great ideas, but you have no template to model or the necessary resources to help you turn your ideas into real income. You wlil end up being frustrated and demotivated. Your ideas are halted because of the lacking of a conducive environment that continuously supports you.

Being part of Money Mastery Lifetime Community, you will always be surrounded by positive, like-minded people who always supplement you with the right, updated information and brainstorm with you to create stunning investment strategies.

You will find people who will constantly and selflessly help you revise a step-by-step blueprint to achieve your financial goals, full of many wonderful resources and mega-successful mentors that you can tap into.



Lifetime Community for Lifelong Learning

  • E-Mentorship Portal
  • Directory / Member's Chat / Interest Groups
  • Start-Up Coaching (on request only)
  • Personal Library for Members
  • Periodic Seminars and Webinars
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Online Support
  • Lifetime support: R.I.C.E.

Money Mastery Bootcamp

  • 3-Day Boot Camp
  • Group Coaching / Review Session
  • Unlimited FREE Boot Camp Revisits
  • Form Your Own Mastermind Groups

You will also be armed with all the necessary skills to build your wealth:

Money Mastery Roadmap
  • The Power of Planning
  • Leadership Skills
  • Resource Management
  • Communication, Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills
  • How to Make Critical Decisions in a Short Period of Time
  • Delegation of Responsibilities
  • The Art of Influencing

What Our Members Said

  • I made S$300,000 within a week after Money Mastery Programme!
    Bellum TanMultiair Engineering World Ltd from Singapore
  • Thank you KC for helping us in achieving greater financial result in our company and fulfilment in life. We have 100% trust on KC and the Community!
    Josie Joseph & Kent LauDirectors of Creativewise Sdn Bhd from Malaysia

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