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This Kungfu Of Selling is for you if you’re ready to increase your income and profits, boost your sales and enjoy what you do!

  • This programme has over 30+ years of practical experience with proven roadmap for selling.
  • Easily identify your target market. Qualify your prospect and reach out to them accurately
  • Asking the right questions, creating the needs, overcome objections & closing the sales.
  • Process and strategies that works in any industry with specific guide to improve your closing rate.
  • This programme has trained ten of thousands of sales professional and individual from SME, MNC to Multi-national corporation for the passed 10 over years.
  • Simple to understand, breaking it down with workbook and worksheet that you can follow step-by-step.
KC See

Meet Your Master Trainer


KC See was an accountant by profession, formerly works with Ernst and Young. He's the director for the Quest Group of Companies and CEO of MasteryAsia.

His course "KungFu Of Selling" method has been widely taught and used by many companies across ASIA, ranging from individuals, SMEs to multi-national corporation such as Preudential, Great Eastern, Banks, IKEA, Robinson, DB Shencker, Daimler Group, Diamond Water, Bonia to Air-lines companies...

Till date, he has also built over 13 profitable businesses (And still growing), helping hundreds of companies to achieve breakthrough results, from business to personal live.


  • Module 1: The Sales Mountain Process
  • Why people don't buy and how to make them buy?
  • Who should you sell to and who you shouldn't
  • 6 steps to get people want to buy from you
  • Step-by-step guide to improve your sales ratio and the sales funnel.
  • Setting up your ideal customers profile
  • How to improve your sales by 200% through proper qualification
  • Module 2 : Build Trust & Engage To Create Instant Rapport With Potential Customers
  • 6 ways to connect with your potential customers anytime anywhere
  • Simple things you can do to improve your likeability immediately
  • The PBA Formula - How to get people to want to see you
  • 4 strategies to help you get pass the door keeper
  • The 3 essential qualities of all great salespeople before prospecting - develop these to be a winner
  • Module 3 : Creating The Need - The Power Of Asking The RIGHT Question
  • Understand why people really buy - no, it's not because they can't live without your product or service
  • How to unfold your prospect's buying resistance - you must do this if you want increase sales and improve your closing rate
  • Uncover Your Prospect Deepest Buying Emotion - Listen and they will tell you
  • Verify your prospect TRUE needs through proper questioning
  • Module 4 : Powerful Presentation - Converting Features Into Benefits
  • How to start with a great opening presentation - miss this and you'll kill your chances of success
  • Why you absolutely must not sell on PRICE & FEATURES - and what to sell on, instead (you may be surprised!)
  • Establish authority and positioning - why you need Mega-Credibility, the evidence of support to overcome customer skepticism and make the sale
  • Step-by-step from presenting your idea to offer. Learn this and your results will be never the same again.
  • Module 5 : How to Love Objections, Conquer It and Then Close The Sales
  • The Price Point objections you must know - Learn this to avoid disappointment caused by price resistance
  • How to confront your deepest fears about selling, rejection and objection - hey, we're all scared before we make our presentations - now you'll see how silly this is
  • Systematic approach on how to pick up your prospect's buying signal and l
  • Lead them to closing the sale
  • Closing the sales is not the end of selling. Asking for referrals is. Learn this skill and you'll never run out of warm market anymore, ever.
  • A Few Questions BEFORE You Sell :
  • Would you like to learn how to pick up a buying signal, pricing and position your offer when you're doing sales presentation?
  • Do you have a specific plan to identify your ideal customers so that you'll reach them accurately?
  • Do you know how to identify and uncover your potential client needs so that you can get them to tell you their concerns?
  • What if you have exhausted your hot leads? Do you have a plan for generating more warm leads to help you generate more sales with less time?
  • Most importantly... How do you confidently prospect for qualified customers, hold effective meetings, and then close the sale—again and again—so you can boost your income?


  • You become more efficient and more effective, your closing rate goes through the roof, and your bank account grows - and all the while, you’re having fun!
  • You start to gain control over every aspect of your life, from career, to relationship to your personal goals.
  • You become absolutely indispensable to your company and contributing to your organizaton, fast
  • You’ll find it easy to get more prospects, close more sales and make more money - so easy, you won’t even feel like you’re working. (Yes, it is possible to do that!)
  • You learn how to sell without being "salesy" or like a "sales promoter" , and building quality relationship wit
KungFu Selling By KC See

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  • Life-Time access to all the training modules.
  •  Downloadable PDF Slides for quick learning and references.
  •  Close group community where you can engage, interact and grow with the other students.
  • Exclusive MasteryAsia networking dinner invitation (Just cover the dinner seat) with like-minded successful entrepreneur, other students, KC See and his team of coaches everytime.

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KungFu Selling By KC See


  • Life-Time access to all the training modules.
  • Downloadable PDF Slides for quick learning and references.
  • Close group community where you can engage, interact and grow with the other students.
  • Exclusive MasteryAsia networking dinner invitation (Just cover the dinner seat) with like-minded successful entrepreneur, other students, KC See and his team of coaches everytime.


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Kungfu Selling

If you want to supercharge your income and achieve extraordinary results in business, sales and personal life, then this program is for you.

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