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Create a system that will allow you to invest in properties continuously.

Execute creative financing strategies that allows you to keep investing.

Avoid costly mistakes dealing with lawyers, agents and the banks.

Scale your multi-million property investment

Learn all the hot tips you need to maximize investment returns and minize investment risks.

Have the opportunity to connect with Heng Zee Soon and ask him questions till you drop to clear any doubts you have on property investment.


Meet Your Coach

Heng Zee Soon is a highly sough after property investment coach and a renowned speaker who has over 20+ years of real world property investment experience ranging from sub-sale, new development to commercial properties

He has trained and coached thousands of students and his corporate clients in the area of How to Detect Below Market Value Properties and Group Buy Property Investment Strategies


  • What are the insights behind “Leveraging” and why it’s so important in helping you create a profitable property investment.
  • How to set your property investment criteria that will save you hours of research and help you profit from the beginning.
  • 6 crucial things to consider when identifying below market value properties, plus: the best types of BMV properties (choose the one that best fits your investment goal).
  • When (and how) to scale your portfolio, so you can reap maximum profit and start taking your property investment to the next level.
  • How to quickly identify property value that is 10% – 20% cheaper than the market.
  • What“creative financing”is, and how to tap on these strategies to create positive cash flow for your properties.
  • How to create a no money down property plan and use it over and over again to buy properties.
  • 6 critical elements you need to look into when it comes to using “other people’s money” to make money without a single cent from your own pocket.
  • Our “3-tier system” for deciding which banks to go to help save your cost and maximize your ROI when applying for loans.
  • Learn how to a create win-win plan with buyers, agents and lawyers without coming across as being “too pushy” or “too salesy”.


From this 1-Full Day Workshop, you will also:

Avoid Costly Mistakes With The Authority

  • Know the law as a property investor without breaking your own bank.

  • Get hot tips you need to maximize investment returns and minize investment risks.

  • Understand the process of sales and purchase from an angle you never thought need to be mastered.

  • Get the “Legal Pitfalls” notes to avoid costly mistakes and interest when you enter the sales and purchase agreement with the buyer and the banks.

  • Learn time management, conducting due diligence and how to become an informed investor before, during and after investing in a property.

Scale Your Multi-Million Property Investment

  • Understand 4 types of tenants you need to know to build a long term money making machine.

  • Learn how “Not to” be stuck in negative cash flow by owning multiple properties at the same time.

  • Form your own team to diversify and maximize your capital gains for different types of properties.

  • Get case studies to kick start your property empire journey immediately after the workshop.

  • Discover the 7 critical success factors that will enable you to invest property in times of uncertainty; be it good times or bad times.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat are the benefits of learning from a workshop?

    Property Investment means you have room for very little costly mistakes. By joining this workshop, you get the chance to learn from an expert investor on all the things you should and shouldn’t do when you start your property investment journey.

  • q-iconWhat will I get when I join this workshop?

    By joining this Value Investing in Properties 1-Full Day Workshop, you will be getting:
    * Admission for 1 person
    * 1-Full-Day Learning Course
    * Lunch for 1 person
    * Light Refreshment for 1 person
    * Unlimited Coffee
    * Networking Session with the Speakers
    * Limited Property Investment Deal After the Workshop
    * BONUS #1: AirBnB webinar series
    * BONUS #2: Group Buy Investment Webinar series
    * BONUS #3: Property Mastery Conference Series

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