The notion that you can simply rent out a property which you yourself don’t use, is a myopic one. Property owners need to go beyond that, particularly when the rental market is not in your favor. KC See, founder and CEO of MasteryAsia together with Elizabeth Siew and Ahyat Ishak who are two of the most prominent property experts came out with a simple idea to connect various kinds of businesses with properties.  From this inspiration, PROPRENEUR was born and various property industry experts shared with readers 7 strategies on how to leverage on property to build profitable businesses with ROI above 8% per annum.

Some of the authors have the chance to celebrate the birth of this book through the official book launch of PROPRENEUR at MPH, NU Sentral yesterday afternoon. Awesome authors (from left)   Calvin Kiew, Carrie Tang, Jimmy Kwok, Ahyat Ishak, Mohd Ikhram Merican, Steven Tan, KC See and Lois Ng generously provided their perspectives on everything from the latest tourist attractions, property trend, legal consideration, AirBnB, theme hostels to AfterBirthCare confinement homes.

PROPRENEUR has been designed as a comprehensive guide for property owners to productively turn their property into profitable ventures. To complement the valuable insights from seven selected entrepreneurs about their industry niches, the book included three additional chapters of information that cover the basics of business setup, how collaborations in the form of joint ventures can be implemented, and why you should start creating income from your property. As a DIY guidebook, Propreneur is a book that every property owner should have.

At the start of this project, the book mulled over the most ideal businesses to be associated with property investment, and finally came up with seven distinct areas. It was not too difficult to find the experts and to get them to contribute. The challenge was getting them to transfer what was in their heads to seven chapters of enlightening information that readers could easily grasp. It was not an issue of willingness; the contributors were more than willing to share. It was more about getting these experts to pause from their busy schedules to condense and simplify the gist of their expertise on pen and paper.

PROPRENEUR is available at all MPH and Popular bookstores. Grab a copy of this book and you will learn how to overcome the current property market slow-down and turn your properties around by creating ROI above 8% per annum, as well as how to convert your property into a continuous money making machine. MasteryAsia Property Series – PROPERNEUR is definitely the ultimate property guide to learn more about properties leveraging strategy.

Pictures and information about PROPRENEUR Book Launch is available here:

In conjunction with the book launch, MasteryAsia also announced the Property Entrepreneur workshop for the public to discover the secret of leveraging on property to build profitable businesses. Panel experts KC See will share his experience in AfterBirthCare business, Elizabeth Siew will provide top 10 legal consideration on collaboration and joint venture business, while Mohd Ikhram Merican will share his insight about AirBnB business.

The workshop will be held on 9th September (Saturday) from 10am to 5pm at Hotel Armada, Petaling Jaya. Early bird can enjoy discounted price for this informative and exiting property workshop.

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