In today’s volatile macro and micro economy and challenging market, real estate investment remains one of the best and most secured form of investment. However it is a fact that yield and ROI on property has been dropping over the last 2 years in Malaysia.  Nowadays there are lots of properties un-tenanted, un-occupied and under-utilized eagerly looking for a way out.

KC See, founder and CEO of MasteryAsia together with Elizabeth Siew and Ahyat Ishak who are two of the most prominent property experts came out with a simple idea to connect various kinds of businesses with properties.  From this inspiration, PROPRENEUR was born and various property industry experts will share with readers 7 strategies on how to leverage on property to build profitable businesses.

Readers will learn how to overcome the current property market slow-down and turn their properties around by creating ROI above 8% per annum, as well as how to convert their property into a continuous money making machine. MasteryAsia Property Series – PROPERNEUR is the ultimate property guide to learn more about properties leveraging strategy.


“The notion that you can simply rent out a property which you yourself don’t use, is a myopic one. Property owners need to go beyond that, particularly when the rental market is not in your favour.

“PROPRENEUR” is a concept based on collaboration. It enables property owners, entrepreneurs and investors to come together to turn properties into profitable ventures. This book, titled PROPRENEUR, is itself based on collaboration. It is the collective effort of 10 experts coming together to pool their business knowledge and experience into a compilation of practical, real-world know-hows. It has to be a work of collaboration because it is unreal for one single person to be an expert in all these businesses.

The book has been designed as a comprehensive guide for property owners to productively turn their property into profitable ventures. To complement the valuable insights from seven selected entrepreneurs about their industry niches, we insert three additional chapters of information that cover the basics of business setup, how collaborations in the form of joint ventures can be implemented, and why you should start creating income from your property. As a DIY guidebook, PROPRENEUR is a book that every property owner should have.

At the start of this project, we mulled over the most ideal businesses to be associated with property investment, and we finally came up with seven distinct areas. It was not too difficult to find the experts and to get them to contribute. The challenge was getting them to transfer what was in their heads to seven chapters of enlightening information that readers could easily grasp. It was not an issue of willingness; the contributors were more than willing to share. It was more about getting these experts to pause from their busy schedules to condense and simplify the gist of their expertise on pen and paper.

The seven areas contributed by the “magnificent seven” are as follows:

The opening chapter on the food and beverage business is written by Heng Zee Soon, a very experienced F&B professional who has established many restaurants and cafés all over Asia. In this chapter, he gives you a no-nonsense, tell-it-as-it-is guide on what kind of property would be suitable and what won’t be when considering it for F&B businesses.


“Virtual Office and Serviced Office Business” is written by Louis Soo who has established seven such successful ventures and won awards for his business success.

Next, we got someone who has successfully started capsule hotels in Indonesia to contribute his experience. Budisuharto is an accomplished corporate high flyer who does this as his additional source of income.

Steven Tan who owned 135 properties before he was 30, created a group-buy property investment strategy called “M.A.G.I.C.”. Recently he started a museum with a unique concept, which is now creating waves and of course…money!

Heng, Budisuharto, Louis and Steven came on board this collaborative effort quite easily and quickly as they are all graduates of MasteryAsia’s Money Mastery programme.


Besides the four contributors above, we got Mohd Ikhram, a well-known guru in the AirBnB business, to impart his expertise. In addition, we invited Lois Ng to share about setting up theme hostels.

My personal contribution is a chapter on how to turn your homes into confinement homes or what I prefer to call them, AfterBirthCare centres.


To provide a supporting framework for all the aforementioned businesses, I got another three of my graduates to contribute. Ahyat Ishak provides fundamental insights into the importance of creating income from property, while Elizabeth and her team discuss the legal considerations on collaboration and joint venture, and Jimmy Kwok offers legal advice on setting up a business entity, which is especially useful for newbies. This has been an ambitious collaborative effort to bring together 10 experts to write a book. The project involved a significant amount of time and energy. But it is finally done and the book – as well as your future success – is now in your hands.”


We will be having a book launch with various media on 4th May (3pm-5pm) at MPH, Nu Sentral and would like to invite you to the book launch.


Date: 4/5/2017 (Thursday)

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Venue: MPH, Nu Sentral

Pictures and press release:

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